AN-148 Family
In cooperation with more than 214 enterprises of 15 countries of the world ANTONOV Company develops a family of AN-148 regional twin-jets intended for passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo transportations on regional and short-haul air routes. According to the requirements of potential customers, partners on AN-148 programme develop new versions of the aircraft family.
Antonov Airlines
Antonov Airlines is the company’s subdivision that specializes in international cargo transportation. Since it was founded in 1989, Antonov Airlines has become a very successful airline, accounting for about 35 percent of the world’s transportation of large-size and extra-heavy cargoes. Every year it delivers hundreds of thousands of tons of unique cargoes.
Customer Support
ANTONOV provides a wide spectrum of services on maintenance support of the airplanes in operation. For today Informational centre of support of the client works day and night at ANTONOV Company. It functions on principle of “single window” for giving information on requests within the restricted terms.