FOR THE FIRST TIMEthe ANTONOV’s teamwon a Cup of XIV sports contest for the second team place and  of a trade union of aviation builders of Ukraine


Within June 10-13, 2015, events of XIV sports contest of a trade union of aviation builders of Ukraine took place at the sports base of Sviatoshyn Olympic training. All in all twelve teams of enterprises, representing aviation industry, took part in the contests. These enterprises are: ANTONOV Company (Kyiv), ANTONOV Serial plant (Kyiv), Artem SJSH (Kyiv), Ivchenko-progress Company (Zaporizhia),  Motor Sich JSC (Zaporizhia), VMB of Motor Sich JSC (Volochysk), SE KMP FED (Kharkiv), VAZ (Vovchansk), 410 Kyiv Civil Aviation State Plant (Kyiv), Luch (Kyiv), SE Novator (Khmelnytsk).

In 2015 ANTONOV trade union committee presented a team that participated in all kinds of sports - track and field, arm wrestling, table tennis, futsal, weight lifting, chess and draughts.

The ANTONOV’s team won 5 gold medals, 5 silver and 3 bronze ones, as well as 2 cups, diplomas and souvenirs. So, it won the second team place. The first one took a team of the Motor Sich JSC, the third one – Artem SJSH. The ANTONOV’s Serial Plant team won the first place on football.

The enterprise’s employees, who took part in sports events, are not only good specialists, but also sportive, creative people with active life position and trade union’s activists.

After the sports contest was closed the team celebrated one common victory – victory of friendship and sport!