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Gliders. Year of the first flight - 1957

планер А-11

A-11 was a one seat sports-training glider. Its wing span was 16.5 m, length – 6.0 m, mass 400 kg. It was the first domestic all-metal glider, the first in the world all-metal glider with V-shape empennage. V-shape empennage having 90º  opening combined functions of traditional vertical and horizontal empennage. Two international records were established on the A-11 glider.


The A-13 was a modification of the A-11 glider. It differed with outer wing panels. The wing span was 12.1 m, length was 6.0 m, mass - 407m. It was intended for training in executing aerobatics. 


There was the A-13M modification – a jet motor glider having turbojet engine with 60 kgf thrust on the fuselage. It was not manufactured serially.


On July 2, 1957 the first flight of the A-13 glider took place.


It manufactured serially at the aviation plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 200 units were built. Elongated wing panels for the A-11 were included into the set of each unit.