AN-10 /
The passenger airplane. Year of the first flight - 1957.


The AN-10 is the first domestic turboprop intended for transportation of 85-100 passengers.

On March 7, 1957 the AN-10 first took-off from “Svyatoshin” airfield.

In the process of operation its capacity was brought to 118 seats. It is undemanding to the airfields in comparison with the airplanes of the analogoes type. The aircraft has a high degree of unification with a cargo version (the AN-12 aircraft). Commonality of structural elements reached 86%.

The AN-10 had modifications: AN-10A – a passenger 132 seater and the AN-10T – transport one with wooden planking. It was noteworthy with predetermination of widebody airplanes. In 1958 in the world exhibition in Brussels the AN-10 was awarded with a diploma and Big Golden medal for the design.

In 1960 the AN-10 as a four-engine aircraft first performed flight with one working engine.

The AN-10 manufactured serially at Voronezh aviation plant. From February 1957 to 1960 120 airplanes were produced.

In 1973 it was taken out of operation due to insufficient fatigue strength of the wing centre section panels.