AN-12 /
Transportation airplane.  Year of the first flight - 1957.


AN-12 military-transport

Specialized military-transport intended for transportation and paradropping (up to 60 men) troops and military technique (to 20 t). It used widely in 1979-1989 inAfghanistan having shown unusual vitality in battle conditions and ability to be based on high mountain unpaved airfields. As an outstanding example of reasonability of creation, simplicity in control and operation, the AN-12 had got deserved world fame. Starting from the 60-s no one event in the history of our country as well as in the world history could not be without participation of the airplane. More than 30 modifications of this aircraft were developed and built.

On December 1957 the AN-12 performed its first flight.

The AN-12 manufactured serially at three plants:

- Irkutsk,            1957-62 – 155 units

- Voronezh, 1960-62 – 258 units

- Tashkent , 1962-72 – 830 units

In common 1243 the AN-12-s and modifications were built. 187 airplanes were exported to 14 countries of the world.

Today the AN-12 works in “Antonov Airlines”. It is operated by many transport companies in Ukraine, CIS and worldwide. Hundreds of machines continue to perform their military duties.

ANTONOV Company constantly researches conditions of the airplane construction. On their basis it is planed to increase its life-time to 55.000 flying hours, 19.000 flights, 55 years of operation.

On a basis of the AN-12 a number of modifications of this airplane was created including the Y8F-600 newest transport airplane developed with participation of ANTONOV Company.