AN-14 /
Мuch having a special purpose airplane. Year of the first flight - 1958.


AN-14 “Bee” light cargo-passenger airplane

The AN-14 is a light cargo passenger airplane with 6 seats for local airlines with take-off run and landing run 30 m. It is equipped with two piston star-shaped engines. Its structure differs with the developed mechanization. Double-slotted flaps, flaperons and double empennage were used. Automatic slats along the all leading edge of the wing provide the airplane with the excellent stall characteristics.




The AN-14A – with the wing of a new profile and more power engines;

       AN-14    – with chassis on the air cushion

       AN-14Ш – experimental on the air cushion

       AN-14M  - cargo-passenger on 15 seats

On March 14, 1958 was the first take-off of the AN-14 from Svyatoshin airfield.

The aircraft of AN-14 family in passenger, sanitary, agricultural versions were manufactured serially on Arseniev aviation plant.

During 1965-1972 the plant produced 332 airplanes. 23 airplanes were exported to 6 countries of the world.