AN-24 /
Passenger airplane. Year of the first flight - 1959.


                                      AN-24 passenger airplane

 It is a 50-seat passenger airplane equipped with two turboprop engines. In construction of the AN-24 first in the world practice on the fuselage and empennage glue-welded joints were used instead of traditional riveting. It allowed to decrease considerably work content of production and to increase life of construction. When working in “Aeroflot” it carried more than one third of all passengers of the airline. The AN-24 became the  father of a family of the aircraft including more than 40 modifications and versions. High flight performance and economy guaranteed the AN-24 export to 38 countries of the world. By the number of airplanes sold abroad the AN-24 took firmly the first place in the USSR.

October 20, 1959 is the date of the first flight of the AN-24 passenger airplane.

The airplanes of the AN-24 family produced serially at three aviation plants:

- Kiev                    1959-79 

- Ulan-Ude           1965-70

- Irkutsk                 1967-71 

I common about 1340 machines were built. In China the AN-24 produced as Y7.

By information of ANTONOV Company today more than 430 the AN-24 airplanes continue working in 26 countries of the world.