AN-28 /
Мuch having a special purpose airplane. Year of the first flight - 1973.


 The AN-28 multipurpose light aircraft

 It is a STOL multipurpose light aircraft with two gas-turbine engines. It is intended for serving local air lines. The airplane is intended for transportation of 15-18 passengers or to 1.5 t of cargo. It is may be equipped with ski and float-type landing gear.

7 modifications were designed.

On January 29, 1973 the AN-28 first took-off from Svyatoshin airfield.

Airplanes of the AN-28 family were manufactured serially in Poland at the aviation plant in Mielez town.

In common in 1984-1992 170 airplanes were built in Poland. 157 of them were delivered to Aeroflot. Morethan 10 airplaneswerebuiltforthePolishcustomers.