AN-8 /
Transportation airplane. Year of the first flight - 1956.



AN-8 military transport


The AN-8 is the first domestic specialized military-transport gas-turbine airplane with pay-load to 11 t, intended for transportation and paradropping of troops and technique. It is equipped with cargo door in a rear part of fuselage with rectangular cross-section with round boards. Due to low floor its cabin has impressive sizes: height 2.9 m, width – 3.6 m and length 11 m. 

For that time the airplane had new mechanization of the wing – double-slotted flaps with the fixed second slot. It differed with good take-off and landing parameters and high rough field capacity. It has the AN-8 РУ modification with two rocket boosters located in the tail part of the fuselage under the door of the aft cabin. The first take-off had place in August 1964.

On February 11, 1956 the AN-8 performed its maiden flight from “Svyatoshin” airfield.

The AN-8 manufactured serially at V.P.Chkalov Tashkent aviation plant, where within the period from 1958 to 1961 about 150 machines were produced.