AN-140 /
The AN-140 Regional Passenger Aircraft


The AN−140 regional aircraft is intended for passenger and mixed cargo/passenger transportations. The AN−140 is the substitute for the AN−24 aircraft that has been operated for about forty years. On April 25, 2000, the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee and Ukraviatrans issued the Type Certificates for AN−140 and its modification AN−140−100. The AN−140−100 aircraft differs from the basic version with the bigger wingspan.

The deliveries of serial AN−140 allowed the Ukrainian airlines to begin their fleet renewal and to provide operations according to the modern standards over the regional air routes. At present 12 airplanes of such a type are under operation in Ukraine, Russia, Iran.

The AN−140 aircraft has high fuel efficiency. It can be operated in a wide range of the airfield heights and climate conditions, under good and adverse weather conditions, by day and night.

The AN−140 aircraft has a high wing position, standard tail configuration and two wing−mounted ТV3−117VМА−SBМ1 turboprop engines. The AI9−3B auxiliary power unit installed at the rear−fuselage provides the independent aircraft operation from the unpaved airfields. A high level of comfort of the passenger compartment has been achieved by selecting the optimum ratio between the volume of the compartment and the service premises, favorable climatic conditions, a well−matched lighting and other factors. The luggage & cargo holds with a total volume of 9.1 м3 are situated under the passenger compartment’s floor and in the rear part of the fuselage. Their volume is 1.3−1.5 times more than that of other airplanes of the same class. It is possible to accommodate about 1.84 t of cargo in the luggage & cargo holds. The aircraft is able to carry palletized cargoes it the front part of the passenger compartment instead of the removable front seat rows. To provide this transportation the aircraft has a cargo door on starboard, the compartment’s floor is reinforced and the aircraft is equipped with the appropriate removable equipment.

Due to the landing gear of a high rough−field capacity with low−pressure pneumatics and high engines position that excludes the damage of the propellers and air intakes by the foreign objects during the takeoff and landing the aircraft is safety operated from/to the unpaved, pebbled, ice− and snow−covered airfields and sites.

The АN−140 aircraft has passed the complete cycle of the Certification Test procedure. Two flying prototypes and two aircraft for the structural on−ground testing were used. The test flights have been conducted at all climatic areas and ambient temperatures ranging from 55°С below zero to 45°С above zero. The aircraft is certified to operation from the airfields located 2,500 m height above the sea level.

The aircraft serial production has been expanded at the Kharkov State Aircraft Production Plant (Ukraine) and HESA plant (Isfahan, Iran) as well as at the AVIACOR Aviation Plant JS (Samara, Russian Federation).

An entire family of aircraft for civil and military application and special−purpose like AN−24/26/30/32 such as: container freighter, ice patrol and fishing exploration, aerial photography and patrol airplanes can be developed on the base of the AN−140.