AN-158 /
New Regional Passenger Jet


The AN−158 regional jet is intended to carry up to 99 passengers. It is designed on a basis of AN−148 regional jet. The AN-158 has high commonality with its predecessor, in particular, they have common main systems, engines, cockpit and flight control system, MRO, flight crew training system. Comfort level of these airplanes’ cockpits corresponds to the most modern airliners, their characteristics and safety level meets current and prospective world standards and requirements.

AN 148/158. Family-Comparison with competitors"



Embodying the best parameters of the basic aircraft, the AN−158 can fly:

− by day and night all year round under simple and complicated weather conditions;

− under ambient air temperatures at ground from -55C to +45C;

− at high-elevated airfields;

− under conditions of high latitudes (up to 78of northern latitude)

− on the international air routes.

Core differences of the AN-158 include:

− 1.7 m longer fuselage;

− enlarged to 5m³ volume of over-head baggage lockers;

− modified layout of the fuselage tail section;

− improved design of wing;

− fuel consumption decreased by 9% per one passenger;

− DOC decreased by 12%.


The AN-158 in a basic version can carry up to 99 passengers over a range up to 2500 km (in one-class layout of the passenger cabin), or 89 passengers over a range up to 3100 km (in two-class layout of the passenger cabin) with a speed of 870 km/h. Twelve layouts of aircraft passenger cabin were certified.

The AN-158 performed its maiden flight on April 28, 2010. By the beginning of 2011, ANTONOV completed wide program of the aircraft certification. On February 28, 2011, the aircraft received Certificates issued by Interstate Aviation Committee and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. They confirm the aircraft compliance with requirements of AP-25 harmonized with FAR-25 and CS-25. 

Having completed the program of the certification tests AN-158 started trials on widening the operational conditions. In February 2011, the AN-158 performed 16 flights in Iran and proved its ability to be operated from/to elevated airfields at a height of 2200 m above sea level.

On November 21, 2013 the AN-158 regional jet completed tests on high- level airdromes of Latin America. The ground and flight tests confirming possibility of operation of the AN-158 family in conditions of high mountains with basing on airdromes situated on 4000m above sea level were performed within the limits of this program in full volume. Tests were carried out in airports of Latakunga, Ecuador (2800m above sea level) and La Paz, Bolivia (4000m above sea level).

The AN-158 takes a respectable place in the row of modern regional airplanes. Firm contracts for delivery of twenty AN-158 have been already signed. ANTONOV grants a broad package of warranties on operation and after-sale support of the aircraft, including its reliability, maintenance content, flight regularity, performance and service life warranties and this is a distinctive feature of the agreement signed on June 21, 2011 at the Paris Airshow.

On April 2013 the AN-158 was put into operation to Cubana de Aviacion (Cuba). At present, this operator fleet includes six such airplanes.

Serial production of the AN-158 is launched at ANTONOV Serial Plant. 215 enterprises of 15 countries are involved into cooperation on the aircraft construction.

On the basis of the AN-158 a row of new aircraft can be developed. It can include VIP versions, freighters and special-purpose airplanes for civil and military transport aviation.