AN-74 /
Aircraft Family


The AN−74TK−100 (AN−74TK−200) airplanes were designed for operation on the routes where passengers are carried to destinations and freight is carried back, or where types of transportation vary cyclically. At Customer request a cockpit can be arranged either for a crew of four (AN−74TK−100) or a crew of two (AN−74TK−200).

The aircraft in−service conversion allows to:

improve profitability owing to higher utilisation rate and higher load factor in scheduled flights;

reduce the airline's fleet and types of airplanes required;

improve efficiency of charter, shift delivery and seasonal flights.

At Customer request, the aircraft can be equipped with any interior, entertainment system, telecommunication and special−purpose equipment of the Customer choice.

The aircraft allows transportation of up to 52 passengers or 10 tonnes of cargo. The aircraft can be converted from the passenger to cargo version or vice versa in any regular airport by the crewmembers within less than 2 hours. It is the only aircraft of this class in the world. Its flight range with 52 passengers is 2,750 km, and the range with 10 t of cargo is 950 km.

Fitted along the passenger cabin walls are the folding passenger seats and foldable baggage bins with service panels. The forward part of the passenger cabin accommodates a flight attendant seat, a galley with an electric oven, boilers and other furnishings, a stationary toilet with the necessary set of sanitary equipment. Four emergency exits are provided for emergency evacuation of passengers. Passengers enter and leave the airplane through the ramp door equipped with auxiliary hinged stairs. The rear fuselage compartment is fitted with baggage racks for hand luggage.

The baggage compartment is separated from the passenger cabin by a rigid easily removable partition. The forward portion of the cargo hold is separated with a bulkhead serving as a barrier wall for protection of crew in case of emergency landing with cargo aboard. The aircraft is equipped with an airborne cargo handling device and a winch used for loading/unloading non−self−propelled wheeled vehicles.

  AN−74Д−200 Executive Aircraft

The AN−74Д−200 is intended to carry 12 passengers in high−comfort conditions. The airplane is equipped with additional heat and sound insulation, passenger entertainment system.


The AN−74VIP is an executive airplane with new capabilities. The airplane concept is based on the combination of the passenger cabin comfort meeting the highest standards and the availability of an additional compartment which can be used to carry either a team of attendants or oversized freight, e.g., a car.

Stringent requirements for the passenger cabin interior will be met owing to Antonov's cooperation with the leading foreign suppliers of interior furnishings. Depending on the layout, the airplane will carry 10 to 16 passengers over a distance of 4,000 to 5,000 km.

ANTONOV Company offers all types of the AN−74 maintenance and can re-equip the aircraft into any modification on Customer’s request. All aircraft modifications done at ANTONOV Company meet Airworthiness Requirements. This is a guarantee of their safety and reliability.