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AN-74 Aircraft Family Performance

 AN-74TK-100/-200 cargo-passenger convertible aircraftAN-74VIPt advanced administrative aircraft

- cargo capacity 10 t or 52 passengers;

- mixed cargo-passenger transportation;

- convertion into a cargo/passenger version for 2 hours 

- high level of passenger comfort;

- transportation of car or accompanying persons


- type (series)D-36-(3A)D-36-(3A)
- thrust, kgf2 x 65002 x 6500
Cargo capacity, t10(up to 2300 kg in cargo compartment)
Passengers, pers.529-29
Cruising speed, km/h700700
Flight altitude, m1010010100
- with max load950
- with passengers27503300 (9 pass.+ 2.3 t)
- with max fuel load (cargo, t)4250(1.8)4400 (8 pass.)
Required runway, m18001800
Crew, pers.22
Cargo compartment dimensions, m
- floor width2.12.15
- hight2.082.2
- lenght9.85