AN-74TK-300 regional convertible cargo-passenger airplane

The - 74ТК-300 is a regional convertible cargo-passenger airplane. It  is the further development airplanes of the AN-74 family. From the basic one it differs with the new engines located on the pylons under the modernized wing. It is intended for transportation of 52 passengers or 10 t of cargo. Due to displacement of the engines under the wing, the aircraft’s economic parameters were improved, speed and flight range were increased. The fuel consumption was decreased by 20%.

On April 20, 2001 the AN-74ТК-300 first took-off from “Sokolniki” plant airfirld of KSAMC, Kharkov.

It was designed in 2001 by way of a deep modification of series AN-74. The AN-74ТК-300 № 19-10 remains the only in its type.