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Special purpose aircraft

ANTONOV has created more than 80 types and versions of special purpose aircraft on the basis of cargo and passenger planes. They are used for a multitude of purposes, including fight against plant pests and fertilization in agriculture and forestry, monitoring of the airspace and remote surface probing, fire extinguishing, aerial photography, emergency medical aid, search and rescue operations, and various missions in the frameworks of space programs.

The Antonov-32P is the firefighting version of the Antonov-32, which is the only transport aircraft designed for airfields at altitudes over 4,000 m. This plane can discharge eight tons of fire extinguishing liquid at a time and has proven its exceptional efficiency many times. The Antonov-32P is not just a firefighter. It is a versatile instrument of response to various emergencies: it can not only put out fires, but can also deliver rescuers and urgent cargoes to accident sites, evacuate the injured, and monitor disaster areas.

The company has created numerous special versions on the basis of its light cargo planes the Antonov-72 and Antonov-74. The maritime patrol version Antonov-74MP has modern equipment and weapons for coastguard missions. The medical version Antonov-74TK-100C is equipped with everything necessary for emergency therapy and urgent delivery of patients to specialized medical centers. There are versions optimized for Arctic and Antarctic conditions and several versions designed for VIPs. The latter, unlike their counterparts, have much more spacious compartments and thus provide for better organization of productive work and good recreation on board.

Perhaps, the brightest of the specialized versions is the world’s biggest plane the Antonov-225 Mriya (Ukrainian for “Dream”). This giant was designed for delivering components of the Energiya-Buran space shuttle complex to the Baikonur space range. It has successfully performed a number of unprecedented haulage missions, which became parts of aviation history.