AN-32P Performance

AN-32P Basic Performance Data

Special purpose aircraft

for extinguishng of forest fires 

Standart applicationTransport application
Take-off weight, tons  29,727,0
Maximum payload, tons8,0*6,7
Cruising speed, km/h220-240500-530
 Flight altitude, m  40-50**8100

Range, km, with load

(ISA, 45-min fuel reserve)

- 6,7 tons300 (8*)780
- 5,0 tons--1600
- with max fuel (cargo, tons)--1700 (5,0)
- runway length (ISA, H=0), m19501800
Aircraft service life:
- hours16000
- flights8000
Crew, persons3-4
- typeAI-20D series 5E
- quantity x power kWt (e.h.p).2 x 5180
- Service life, h6000

* fire-extinguishing agent weight

** during drop agent