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Transport aircraft

ANTONOV specializes in development of cargo planes – the class in which it has the richest experience and greatest success. ANTONOV cargo planes are distinguished for their ability to operate in harsh climatic conditions and on remote high−altitude airfields with any kind of surface, and first of all for the widest range of cargoes they can airlift.

Being able to transport huge and heavy cargoes, ANTONOV planes occupy a big niche in the global transportation system. The Antonov−124−100 Ruslan and Antonov−225 Mriya jumbo jets have performed hundreds of impressive haulage operations, including the transportation of solid blocks of industrial equipment weighing up to 180 tons and huge parts of space rockets that no other plane in the world could carry.

It is Important, that all ANTONOV cargo planes are independent of ground loading/unloading facilities. Their nose and tail cargo doors, ramps, cranes, and winches make them autonomous. However, the onboard loading equipment is not always enough to deliver cargoes to the destination. ANTONOV aircraft are safety operated from/to all types of airfields with unpaved, shingle, ice, or other runway surfaces.

This advantage is enhanced by their ability to take off from and land on short runways. In some cases this quality is critical for human life. In 1986 the Antonov−74 landed on a piece of ice drifting near the North Pole, running not more than 300 m, to evacuate members of a Polar expedition.

The Antonov−70 is the most perfect STOL aircraft in the world. It is ahead of all other similar designs. This unique aircraft can lift cargoes weighing up to 20 tons from a 600−meter runway and carry them to destinations up to 3,000 km away. Its high capacity fuselage can hold 98 percent of cargoes which are normally transported by much larger planes.

The ANTONOV specialists have developed unique methods of designing cargo aircraft to guarantee the desired flight and economic characteristics and provide unsurpassable service life.