AN-124-100 Performance

AN-124-100 and AN-124-200 Performance
Maximum payload, t120150
Take-off weight, t392402


- type

Д18Т III series

Д18Т III M series

- thrust4*23,44*23,4
Cruise speed, km/h800-850
Cruise altitude, km311,6

Flight range with cargo, t

- 150 t--3200
- 120 t48005200
- 80 t75008000
Necessary RW length, m28003000
Coefficient of friction 0,40,3
Range of operational temperatures, Co-30 to +45-50 to +50
RW elevation above sea level, m16102600
Lifting capacity 2030
Lifetime hrs/cycles15000/400050000/10000
Noise Level Chapter IV of ICAO