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ANTONOV Company is a design organization, Type Certificate holder and the only organization having the right to assign service life and time limits as well as issue permit for Antonov aircraft to serve out next phase of assigned service life and time limits.

The assigned values of service life and service time for civil Antonov aircraft and procedure of their serving out are described in corresponding sections of Instructions on continuing airworthiness, Maintenance manuals and Bulletins for specific types of aircraft.

The established form of permit of civil Antonov aircraft to serve out next phases of service life and/or service time shall be the Decision of ANTONOV Company.

Operation of aircraft without corresponding Decisions of ANTONOV Company shall be construed as violation of Type Certificate requirements, is not safe and should such aircraft be detected their operation must be immediately ceased.

The list of AN aircraft permitted for serving out next phase of service life and service time.

The Table contains the following data on each type of aircraft:

- nationality and registration marks;

- manufacturer’s and serial numbers;

- state of registration;

- numbers or date of Decisions issued by ANTONOV Company;

- validity period of Decisions.

Note: If at the moment of Decision development there was no information about nationality or registration marks then the column “Registration mark” will contain the “N/A” record.

Information in the Table is updated on a daily basis.

In order to avoid any possible discrepancies and erroneous data concerning registration or re-registration of AN aircraft we request Operators, Owners and Aviation authorities to obligatory inform ANTONOV Company about these facts to the address given in the end of this page.

We request Aviation authorities of the AN aircraft Operating Countries to obligatory refer to aircraft data provided in our section when issuing operation permitting documents.

Regarding the issues of permitting AN aircraft to serve out next phases of service life and/or service time, please contact ANTONOV Company at the following address:

1, Akademika Tupoleva str., Kyiv, 03062, Ukraine

Tel: +380444006525

Fax: +380444007325