AntonovCustomer Support

Customer Support

Complex system of a customer support

ANTONOV Company offers a customer the following services:

 1.   Service support of the “AN” aircraft in ANTONOV service centre

 ANTONOV service centre specialists perform the following works:

-     maintenance of AN-12, AN-22, AN-24, AN-26, AN-30, AN-32, AN-74, AN-140, AN-148-100, AN-124-100, AN-225 and their components in accordance with the effective operational documentation on a base of ANTONOV Company and in places of basing of customer’s aircraft;

-     repair of elements of construction of the aircraft and components as well as organization of repair at the enterprises the partners;

-     modification of the aircraft according to the bulletins;

-     modernization of the aircraft to correspond ICAO requirements;

-     modernization and re-equipment of the aircraft according to the wish of a customer;

-     fulfilment of warranties in accordance with the agreements of aircraft deliveries;

-     processing and analysis of materials of deciphering of the means of objective control.

 2.  Engineering and technical support of the ANTONOV aircraft  operation

 Author support of operation of ANTONOV aircraft at all stages of their life cycle is being performed in the following directions:

-     consulting and giving recommendations on technical requests of operators, customers, aviation authorities, repair plants, plants-manufacturers of aircraft and components;

-     analysis of the experience of operation of the aircraft including requirements of the concrete customer taking into account peculiarities and conditions of operation of its aircraft;

-     development and implementation of measurements on increase of reliability and improvement of construction of the aircraft and their systems according to the offers of the customer;

-     development of the bulletins on modification of the aircraft;

-     determination of possibility and reasonability of reconstruction of the damaged aircraft and those standing idle for a long time;

-     development of recommendations on reconstruction of damaged parts and support of reconstructing repairs;

-     development of technical documentation on modernization of the aircraft according to the new requirements;

-     works on increase of resources and life time of the aircraft and aggregates;

-     improvement of the system of aircraft maintenance;

-     provision of services of the representatives on operative decision of questions of operation in places of basing of the aircraft;

-     development of the programmes of maintenance for the concrete customer taking into account peculiarities and conditions of operation of its aircraft.

 3. Informational support of the customer

 Services on engineering and technical support of an operator and author support of operational documentation of ANTONOV aircraft are provided by the informational centre of support of the customer (call-centre customer support), functioning at day and night by principle of the “single window” for operative giving of the information for the customers according to their requests in the scheduled terms.

 Besides, from the beginning of 2011 service on provision of actual operational-technical information, bulletins on modifications of construction and change of operational documentation of the aircraft is accessible for the customer. Also it can be easily informed of the entered and planned changes of construction of the aircraft, submission of applications for technical support through the web-portal of technical support of the customer.