22-11-2013 / ANTONOV−158 completed tests in high mountains

On November 21, 2013 the AN−158 regional jet completed tests on high− level airdromes of Latin America. The ground and flight tests confirming possibility of operation of the AN−158 family in conditions of high mountains with basing on airdromes situated on 4000m above sea level were performed within the limits of this program in full volume.

Tests were carried out in airports of Latakunga, Ecuador (2800m above sea level) and La Pas, Bolivia (4000m above sea level).

At present, specialists of ANTONOV Company prepare documentation for obtaining correspondent supplements to the type certificate of this airplane.

It will allow considerably widening geography of operation of the airplanes of the AN−148/AN−158, including Latin America. Air carriers from countries of the region including Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba expressed their intention to purchase about 50 such machines.


For the inquiry: The family of the AN−148 and AN−158 regional jets of a new generation is being effectively operated on the regional routs of the different countries, in a wide spectrum of the climatic conditions. They work well both from runways of the best airports of Europe and from RW with bad quality of pavement.

Passenger airplanes with capacity from 68 to 99 persons and the flight range to 4400 km are the basis of the family. Special−purpose versions are working actively as well. On order of Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russian Federation a new model of the AN−148−100EM was developed, built, certified and passed into operation. Layout of the airplane includes: compartment of the Main passenger, business−class compartment and ambulance compartment where installation of 2 to 6 specialized medical modules is foreseen. The modules allow for the treatment of casualties in flight. To use the abilities of the airplane more effectively medical modules and some economy class seats can be transported in the baggage hold allowing for quick re− configuration. According to operator requirement the AN−148−100EM may be converted in any of 5 versions: Passenger, Command and Control, and three different passenger/ambulance configurations.

Three−cabin VIP−version of the AN−148−100EA intended for 39 persons is being operated in Russia, the especial squadron of the President of Russian Federation. The AN−148−300 airplane of a higher comfort capable to carry passengers at a range up to 7000 km is also being developed. The AN−148−300MP advanced aviation complex of maritime patrolling and counteraction is being developed on its basis. This aircraft is planned to be equipped with a complex of detection and processing the information of the above−water targets as well as means of counteraction to intruders.


Press−service of ANTONOV Company, November 22, 2013

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