12-02-2018 / ANTONOV Company’s specialists are ready to take part in investigation of the AN−148−100B crash

On February 11, 2018, AN−148−100B (registration RA−61704) of “Saratov Airlines” crashed in the area of Argunovo town, Moscow region. This aircraft was constructed on June 10, 2010, at Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing JSC. The aircraft had a service life till 2020. It was maintained by the operator, i.e. by “Saratov Airlines”.  

The accident is investigated by commission of Interstate Aviation Committee. In case of official invitation, specialists of ANTONOV Company are ready to take part in investigation of this crash and to make all the possible to clarify reasons of the crash.

ANTONOV Company expresses sincerely condolence to families and relatives of people perished in the crash on February 11.

We kindly ask mass media do not share unverified information about reasons of the crash until completion of the official investigation.

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