On October 23, 2014, a grand opening of preschool educational institution No.736 took place. It has been on the ANTONOV’s balance since 2014. Kindergarten, that admitted 260 children, was named Mriya (Dream).
Press release of the ANTONOV’s Company press conference from October 10, 2014, dedicated to announcements of Main military prosecutor’s office about conduction of prejudicial inquiry as to the ANTONOV’s Company officials
Ruslans that belong to ANTONOV Airlines continue performing a list of transported non−standard cargoes. Each of such transportations needs detailed preparations that confirm efficiency of close interaction between operators and aircraft developers.
Kyiv court reinstates Kiva as Antonov chief executive
ANTONOV Company’s exposition at Aviasvit−XXI air show was traditionally large. In connection with current situation in Ukraine ANTONOV paid more attention to the military constituent of its modern programs.
Information, divulged by the Ministry of industrial policy about the decision of Solomianskii district court of Kyiv from September 24 in the action of Dmytro Kiva to the Ministry of industrial policy, is wrong.
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