Sincerely congratulate you with the Day of Aviation of Ukraine!
On August 25, 2015 modern and new aircraft were demonstrated to Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, at the State enterprise Plant 410 Civil Aviation. The AN−178 new transport was demonstrated as well.
ANTONOV Company completed construction and put into service a start emergency rescue station (SERS) at the Kyiv−Antonov airfield in Gostomel.
ANTONOV Company has implemented a modern product lifecycle management (PLM) system from Siemens PLM Software for the enterprise’s production process. It is based on use of technology “without drawing” on the basis of 3D−models.
In the nearest future, ANTONOV plans to reach the saling of 25 new airplanes annually. Mykhaylo Gvozdov, Acting President of ANTONOV Company, said about this in interview to “Golos Ukrainy” (“Voice of Ukraine”) newspaper.
In July, Oleksandr Kotsiuba and Andrii Tarasyuk were appointed as the First Vice President and Vice President on finance and economical activity respectively. Their primary task is expansion of the aircraft production and sales.
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