Worldwide Air Charter of Heavylift and Outsize Cargo


     Antonov Airlines is the ANTONOV company’s subdivision that specializes in international cargo transportation. It was founded in 1989. Antonov Airlines became the first  airline which performed charter air transportation of large−size and extra−heavy cargoes on the AN-124 Ruslan heavy transport. Successful operations in this direction formed absolutely new market segment on airlift of super-heavy cargoes. Since 1989, the airlines increased its air fleet from two to five Ruslans. At present,  the airlines’ fleet includes one AN-225 Mriya, seven AN-124-100 Ruslans, one AN-22 Antei, two AN-12s, one AN-26 and one AN-74T.


 Every year it carries hundreds of thousands of tons of unique cargoes, including those which can not be transported otherwise, to 800 airports across the world. Antonov Airlines have performed the most extreme delivery operations in history, such as the delivery of a 175−ton transformer from Linz, Austria, to Houston, TX; 186,7−ton generator from Frankfurt, Germany, to Yerevan, Armenia; and 247 tons of large−size construction equipment from Prague, Czech Republic, to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

         Thanks to its commendable achievements, Antonov Airlines has gained recognition in Ukraine and abroad. Back in the 1990s the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine granted it the status of a national air cargo carrier and U.S. aviation authorities granted it “fifth−degree freedom”, i.e. allowed it to transport cargoes belonging to U.S. companies within the country. Over the current decade Antonov Airlines has been involved in a number of international projects, including a long−term one in cooperation with governments of 18 countries of NATO and EU.







Antonov Airlines

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