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The Kiev Airport (ANTONOV) is situated 25 km northwest from Kiev near Gostomel, the urban village. The aerodrome obtains the artificial landing strip of 3500 m long and 56 m wide. It has entered the State Aerodrome Register of Ukraine (The Register Certificate NAP 09-07) and has been certified according to the ICAO meteorological conditions of Landing Category with both landing headings being convenient for the operation at day and night round the year. The aerodrome ground markings and landing (СП-80M) with the MKland.=149° landing heading have been certified according to the ICAO meteorological conditions of Category 11.

The Kiev Airport (ANTONOV) has entered the Aeronautical Information Publications of Ukraine, Russia, and the JеппеSеN International Publication. According to the N678 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 15.10.1992 there have been opened the admission office through the state boundary of Ukraine for the international air communication. Aerodrome is intended and available for the test, training flights and transport airlift over the international and local Ukrainian routes. It can be operated both the Ukrainian and foreign airlines.Airport Antonov

There are two indoors hangers with heating at the aerodrome. The area of one of them is 80У40x28 m and the second one is 96У104x40 m permits to perform the maintenance and repair of any type of the aircraft, including AN-225, AN-124, Boing-747 and others at any season and round-the-clock. There is a shed with the area of 132У104x32 m (length, width and height at the top point) at the aerodrome.

There are the railway station, the loading-unloading platform equipped with two traveling gantry cranes and overpass for descending the engineering technique out of the aircraft near the aircraft parking at the airport area. All that permits to perform handling operations of cargoes and machinery just out of/into the railroad car.

The Kiev Airport (ANTONOV) obtains the test flight area available for the test, acceptance and training flights of any aircraft types that makes it unique as to the capability.

The largest transport aircraft in the world as AN-225 and AN-124-100 are based only at Kiev Airport (ANTONOV, Ukraine). These aircraft won the international eminence for airlift of the oversized and heavy cargoes and ANTONOV  has been incorporated as the National Cargoes Carrier of Ukraine and official carrier of UNO. The Kiev Airport (ANTONOV) provides the following guidelines of the ANTONOV Company activity:

  • the ground and flight tests of the prototypes and modifications of the aircraft;
  • the international and native (within Ukraine) airlift of cargoes both the aircraft of ANTONOV Company and other institutions/ airlines;
  • the productive activity, including the training of the flight crews and maintenance personnel.