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History of Serial Plant


                ANTONOV Serial Plant was founded on September 9, 1920 by resolution No 15178 of the Council of Military Industry as the State Aviation Plant No 12. It was created on a basis of small separate repair shops and before start of the war was situated in Garmatnaya street. Victorin Flavianovich Bobrov, professor, was the first director (manager) of the plant and actually its organizer. Later he worked as a rector of Kiev Polytechnic Institute and Moscow Aviation Institute). 

               The plant carried out repair of the foreign airplanes belonged to the army. The plant didn’t have its own airfield that’s why airplanes were tested in Post-Volynsky (Kiev suburb Zhuliany) airfield. 

In 1922 the plant was renamed “REMVOZDUKH-6”

In 1924 the plant was fully electrified, the steam heating was mounted in the assembly shop.

In 1925 under management of designer K.A.Kalinin K-1 the first in the country 4 seat passenger airplane was developed and built. Thanks to the selfless labour of plant workers (all works were performed overtime and in the days off) on July 26, 1925 the K-1 carried out its first flight.

In 1927-29 while repairing P-1 and P-5 domestic airplanes collective body of the plant designed and built the “Grif” (Griffin) glider which took the first place in the All Union glider competitives in Koktebel town.

In 1931 the plant was renamed “Plant No 43”.

In 1932 “4-ЭАЦАГИ the first in the country autogiro was built at the plant.

In 1932-34 KhAI-1 the first domestic high-speed 6-seat passenger airplane designed by I.G.Neman was launched in serial production. It became the first in Europe passenger airplane with the retractable underfears. First the airplane flew on October 8, 1932. In total 43 such airplanes were built at the plant.

In  1937 OKO-1 passenger airplane was designed by V.K.Tairov. In 1938 it passed successfully flight tests.

In 1940-41 the plant manufactured aggregates for MiG airplanes.

On June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic war began and on June 25, 1941 the plant was bombed. 38 men were killed, 78 men injured, many valuable equipment was destroyed. The plant was evacuated to Novosibirsk, to the plant named after V.P.Chkalov, where Yak-9 fighters designed by A.S.Yakovlev had being built.

After Kiev was liberated from fascist occupants on November 6, 1943, the plant were returned from evacuation and till the end of the war repaired Po-2 airplanes and Yak-3 and Yak-9 airplanes assembly from the aggregates sent from the other plants.

In 1944 the plant was renamed “Plant No 473” or “Post Box No 11 Organization”.

After the World War II the plant was finally based in its today territory (Sviatoshin).

In 1945-46 the plant worked on manufacture of the experimental model of G-4 helicopter designed by I.P.Bratoukhin. In the process of tests the big miscalculation of designers had been found and the helicopter was not launched into serial production.

In 1947-48 the plant manufactured the pilot batch of 5 Mi-1 helicopters designed by M.L.Mil but their serial production was passed to the other plant.

In 1948 the plant started manufacturing of the AN-2 airplane-ancestor of the big AN family designed by Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov. The plant produced 18 modifications of AN-2: transport, passenger, agricultural, for fire fighting, reconnaissance of fish shoals, for carrying out scientific and rescue operations in polar conditions and others. 3320 such airplanes were manufactured in Kiev.

In 1954-56 the plant manufactured the AN-8 experimental military-transport airplane. It became the first specialized transport airplane in the country.

In 1959-78 the plant manufactured the AN-24 passenger airplane (1028 such airplanes were manufactured).

In 1967 the plant was renamed “Kiev aviation plant” or “Post Box M-5249 Organization”.

In 1969-85 the plant manufactured the AN-26 transport airplane (1402 airplanes were manufactured).

On September 8, 1970 the plant was awarded with order of the Labour Red Banner.

In 1973-79 the plant manufactured the AN-30 airplane for aerial photography (123 airplanes were manufactured).

On October 15 1980 the plant was awarded with the “Golden Mercury” International Prize as a sign of a special recognition of its contribution into development of production and international cooperation.

In 1976-1979 the plant manufactured the pilot batch of the AN-72 transports (5 airplanes were manufactured). Serial production of the AN-72 was farmed out to Kharkov aviation plant and Kiev plant started production of the AN-124 “Ruslan” super heavy airplane.

Within the period from 1979 to 2003 the plant manufactured 18 “Ruslans”.

Since 1979 till present time the plant produces the AN-32s (361 such airplanes has been manufactured) in transport and firefighters versions.

In 1986-88 the plant manufactured separate aggregates of the AN-225 “Mriya” intended for transportation of “Buran” space shuttle. But in connection with freezing of the given programme “Mriya” was manufactured in one copy only.

On August 5 1992 the enterprise was renamed “Kiev aviation plant” State Enterprise”.

In 1994 Kiev aviation plant launched production “Kievsky” trolleybus from aviation materials and with use of aviation technologies and till 2008 93 such trolleybuses working mainly on Kiev routes were built.

On September 27, 1995 the plant was renamed “AVIANT” Kiev aviation plant.

In 1995 the plant was awarded with “Birmingham Torch” award for successful economic survival and development in conditions of the social-economic crisis.

In 1989 the plant built one Tu-334 passenger airplane. The rigging and documentation for production of this airplane remained almost in full.

From the end of 1980-s till present the plant participates in the programme of production of the AN-70 military transport. Today the contract with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on delivery of the AN-70 serial airplane is being performed. This contract is being financed in the volumes foreseen by yearly State budgets of Ukraine.

On January 11, 2005 the plant was renamed “AVIANT” Kiev aviation plant.

In 2004 the plant joint the fulfillment of the programme of the AN-148 and from 2006 this programme became the basic one for the plant.

On August 10, 2007 the plant obtained a certificate of approval of the AN-148 production and launched its serial production.

In December 2009 according to the Order of the Ministry of Cabinet of Ukraine No 758-p of July 1, 2009, Orders of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine No 476 of July 10, 2009 and No 919 of December 23, 2009 “AVIANT” Kiev aviation plant was included into ANTONOV enterprise and has got a status of ANTONOV Company subsidiary and name ANTONOV serial plant.