Development activity

 The ANTONOV COMPANY is rightly proud of its highly professional personnel who meet the specific demands of the industry and represent more than 200 professions and faculties including engineers, workers, technologists, designers and researchers, who work in 35 scientific fields specializing as aerodynamics and aircraft strength, mechanics, hydraulics, heat engineering, avionics, and materials science. They all are real masters with a sense of common responsibility.

 ANTONOV Company offers such services in a sphere of development activity:

 -  performance of  the package of scientific and research works as well as development activity on design of different models of aircraft, aviation constructions, elements or aggregates with design researches and experiments;

-  development and drawing up of technical offers, draft and technical projects, designers and technological documentation, technological processes, operational and technical documentation;

-  development of technological instructions on manufacture and assembly of details, units and aggregates;

-  development of different modifications of  the “AN” products, modernization of existing airplanes according to the requirements of a customer;

-  development of simulators of the ANTONOV aircraft;

-  performance of strengthen and aerodynamic calculations, calculations defining reliability of products;

-  wind tunnel experiments;

-  development of designer documentation on manufacturing of aerodynamic and flatter models, manufacturing of models;

-  issue of offers and recommendations on maintaining airworthiness of ANTONOV products and provision of designer’s supervision of the airplanes;

-  development and manufacturing of technological accessories, assembly devices and jigs;

-  development of methods and instructions on weighing of aviation technique;

-  development of virtual models of the products in 3 D technology;

-  layout works;

-  development of repair documentation;

-  repairs and restoration of aviation technique;

-  flight experiments and flight tests;

-  certification works.

All these works are being performed on the high professional level with use of the most innovative technologies.


Aerodynamics researches

 ANTONOV Company has its own AT-1 wind tunnel. On its basis the whole set providing full cycle of works on aerodynamic experiment from designing of models and development of experimental equipment to carrying out of tests, issuance of recommendations and conclusions.

 For more than 35 years of work of AT-1 wind tunnel a big experience of experimental works, including those in a sphere of aviation technique and in the other directions of researches, was accumulated. High professionalism of workers and the unique equipment will provide quality and reliability of your products.

 The following main directions of the researches and works may be carried out in aerodynamic complex of ANTONOV Company:

 -  all kinds of researches including tests with modeling of work of power plants of different types (including those on light-motor aviation);

-  research of aerodynamics of aircraft: winged ones, wingless and those with rotating wing;

-  research of the processes of landing parachutists and paradropping the technique;

-  evaluation the wind loading on constructions of different type and air flows in the area of construction objects;

-  calibration of different devices, instruments for measurement speed of air flows;

-  development of dynamics of the ground transport means, motor car and rail technique;

-  determination of characteristics of wind power plants of different types;

-  research on sports including training of technique of behavior of sportsmen going in for high-speed kinds of sports (cycle racing, skiing, skydiving and hang gliding) and aerodynamics of sport apparati for high-speed kinds of sport (sleigh for bob sleigh etc.);

-  research of characteristics and development of aggregates of hinged agricultural equipment for aviation chemical works;

-  development and design of dynamically similar and remotely piloted models of the aircraft.


Strength researches

Strength test complex of ANTONOV Company is one of the biggest in the Europe. The unique modern equipment of the complex allows performance of full-size certification strength tests of aircraft of any class from hang gliders to airplanes of “Ruslan” and “Mriya” type, products of engineering industry and to design test equipment. Dimensions of the laboratory are 100x100x35m with square of force floor to 9000m², cargo capacity of the universal portal system to 3000 tf, productivity of pump station is 7000 liters per minute.

 Strength test complex performs:

 -  static strength tests of the airplanes and their components with use of different kinds of loading (distributed, concentrated forces, excess pressure) by mean of multichannel systems (to 140 channels of loading) with research in tempo of experiment of deflected mode of construction (to 10000 indicators with the speed of poll to 1000 measurements per second);

-  resource strength tests of airplanes and their components with use of full spectrum of operational loads on complicated multilevel programmes with provision of functioning of mechanical hydraulic and electric systems of object under testing with simultaneous automated measurement of  deflected mode, bendings, registration of appearance and development of the strength cracks;

-  strength tests of constructive and technologic patterns, materials and constructions with loadings to 600 tf and frequencies to 30 Hz in order to determine standard physical characteristics, evaluation of static strength and making decisions, methods and technologies on development of constructions.

-  frequency tests of airplanes and their componrnts with record of parameters of frequencies for studying dynamic aeroelasticity in order to prevent flatter;

-  vibroacoustic tests of elements of construction under action of jet engines noise;

-  tests of seats of the crew and passengers to overload of 20g;

-  especial strength tests, for instance, dynamical on impacting of the airplane components of the aircraft with the bird with mass to 2 kg, diameter 150-400 mm and speed to 600 km/hr (with help of pneumatic gun);

-  development, design and manufacture of test stands and machines (machines of uniaxial and biaxial loading at a range from ±5 tf to ±400 tf). Completing of stands and machines includes mechanical systems, force measure devices, hydraulic systems, automatic control system and especial software;

-  production and delivery of ready designs including:

  • · multichannel automated systems of control of “Multitest-AN” strength 

experiment (8, 16, 24 channels of control in the strut); 

  • · АТИС multichannel tensiometric information-measurement systems (to 16000 channels)
  • · application software of preparation, carrying out and processing of the results of strength experiment;
  • · tensiometric sensors of force ( tension-compression) with cargo capacity from 0,1 tf to 200 tf;
  • · hydraulic cylinders with hydrostatic bearings on 5, 10 tf;
  • · hydraulic claws with cargo capacity from 5 tf to 50 tf;
  • · extensimeter and sensors of motion;
  • · sensors of pressure from 0.1 MPa to 600 MPa