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Aggregate-assembly production


1. Assemblage:

  • detail assemblage at workbenches and support devices by marking and assembly holes using spring pins and technologic fasteners;
  • component and panel assembly at devices with details locating at reference, coordinate location, and assembly holes, as well as at device holders;
  • jig assemblage of compartments and units;
  • mating of compartments in benches.

2. Internal drilling

  • with hand pneumatic machines;
  • at drilling plants, including programmed plants;
  • with plants of autonomous supply;

3. Hole breaking and countersink

  • with pneumatic machines;
  • with combined tools, namely finishing and countersink drills at drilling countersink machines;
  • broaching: straight and tool rotating with pneumatic devices.

4. Riveting

  • with mechanical hand tools of different power: pneumatic hammers, clamps and one-blow hammers;
  • at stationary riveting equipment, such as isolated and gang-type presses;
  • automatic riveting at automatic machines AK of the “Gymkor” type (it ensures automatic drilling, countersink, installing rivets, and riveting);
  • riveting by rolling at hand and stationary equipment.

5. Mounting of special types of fastening (unidirectional rivets, rivets with high resistance to shear and bolt rivets) with specialized pneumatic and pneumohydraulic equipment.

6. Mounting of bolts, including that with tension is possible due to pressing in with one-blow and mechanic hand press, and to tightening at technologic stem with bolt-screwing machines.

7. Nut bolting and tightening:

  • hand;
  • mechanized, including that with a specified rotational moment.

8. Milling of flange connectors of units and breaking of butt holes at stationary milling equipment and at machines built in stands for units positioning using production jig plates.

Final assemblage

1. Technology of termination of wires into tips and electric connections by cold reduction with the groove tool verification.

2. Technology of automatized control over electric harnesses and assemblages for the correctness of unbrazing, absence of dummy seals and checking of insulating resistance.

3. Technology of parametric instrumental verification of aeronautical and radio systems with tuning and debugging with the system developer's test and control equipment.

4. Technology of ablution of pipeline systems and integral tanks by swinging with pulsating and gas-liquid flows.

5. Technology of pipeline systems and containers manometer verification.

6. Technology of integral tanks pneumatic and manometer verification.