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Non-metallic materials

неметал покрыт

There are many directions of nonmetallic materials production at ANTONOV Company. Among them are:

- Department of mechanical rubber items (MRI) is engaged in manufacturing of various details including: grommets, gaskets, absorbers, rubber and metal details profiles with length of up to 1m and so on by method of pressing and moulding; as well as rubber tubes, extruded items with different profiles by method of extrusion.

In particular, the following operations can be realized:

  • Production of round rubber gaskets of different diameter out of different kinds of rubber compounds
  • Production of compressions of rectangular cross section of different diameter and height out of different kinds of rubber compounds
  • Production of plain and complex details out of different kinds of rubber compounds (profiles, edgings, compressions, caps, shoes, gaskets, bushings, etc.)
  • Production of rubber-metal details out of different kinds of rubber compounds using bonding materials and without them (shock-absorbers, air-cushions, anchor nuts, handles, profiles, etc.)
  • Production of rubber-textile articles out of different kinds of rubber compounds and rubberized cotton and synthetic fabrics (gaskets, plates, bushings, etc.)

- Department of plastic articles manufacturing is engaged in production of details such as bushes, washers, dowels, grates including those of decoration purpose by method of moulding;

- Department of Plexiglas is engaged in manufacture of details of different complexity:

  • Production of flat details of different size and shape out of Plexiglas with thickness 0.8-120 mm. Details can have cuts, holes, and surface and external cuttings
  • Production of  shades, details from Plexiglas mechanically processed, seats of bar counters, etc
  • Production of complex shaped solid parts out of Plexiglas of different thickness (shades, blisters, first-aid kits, stands, cases, edgings, cowls, screens, handles, glass for airplanes, helicopters, motorbikes, soap dishes, cigarette-cases, etc.)
  • The production is performed under tackle.
  • Assemblage (splice) of Plexiglas and armored details; capsulation of the assemblies
  • Engraving of inscriptions, signs and symbols on Plexiglas
  • Production of details of colored Plexiglas

- Department of pressing is engaged in manufacture of pressed details ( plates, guides and so on) from various materials such as ДСВ, АГ, etc.