Polymer composites


ANTONOV is one of the most advanced enterprises of aviation industry of Ukraine and CIS in the sphere of polymeric compounded materials (PCM) constructions development.

The experience of PCM constructions development accumulated by ANTONOV during many years is based upon:

  • the large complex of scientific, research and experimental works on decision of many design, strengthening, science of material, technological and other technical problems;
  • availability of specialized experimental production complex of PCM constructions manufacture;
  • practical experience of manufacture of great number of PCM constructions elements of fuselage, wing and tail unit, engine nacelles and systems, interiors and furnishings of head batches of ANTONOV aircraft: AN−28, AN−38, AN−72, AN−74, AN−124, AN−225, AN−70, AN−140 and AN−148.

In development of the PCM constructions ANTONOV uses:

  • advanced materials: wide class of polymeric materials on the ground of carbon, glass, organic and other polymeric fibres in the form of different textile structures and modified epoxy, phenol and polyamide cohesive, film and liquid glues, honeycomb plastic on the ground of polymeric paper and glass tissues, polyurethane foam and other;
  • specialized technological equipment: industrial impregnators for receiving prepregs of reinforcing fillers in the form of tapes and textiles of 10 to 1,000 mm in width;
  • devices for preparation of connecting solutions of the components;
  • coiling programmed numerical control machines to produce details and units with the diameter of up to 2,5 m and length of up to 12m;
  • large−sized electrical autoclaves with working area of the following dimensions: diameter of 3 and 4,5 m, length of 16 m, temperature of up to 300º C and pressure of up to 16 kgf/cm2;
  • automatized measuring complex for control of constructions surfaces quality and forming and gluing equipment;
  • milling programmed numerical control machine for complicated refinement of rigging and frame surfaces;
  • vacuum−forming press for interior panels and furnishings decoration with thermoplastic films;
  • working places equipped with tools for assembly of large−sized forming and gluing equipment;
  • test equipment for determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of plastics and holding capacity of constructions elements;
  • devices for nondestructive ultrasonic check of defects in made details and constructions.

Mastered and implemented complex of technologies including the full cycle of creation of PCM constructions starting with development of technical documentation and finishing with their manufacture, testing and operational support in operation. In particular, this complex includes:

  • computer designing, modeling and calculation of PCM constructions;
  • computer designing and modeling of forming and gluing metal and polymeric equipment;
  • technologic preparation of manufacture including development of technological documentation, technical conditions, working programmes for processing on machines with programmed numerical control and other normative documentation;
  • manufacture of large−sized integral wireframe and honeycombed construction and jackets with aerodynamic outline including method of winding;
  • manufacture of integral elements of the frame (skins, reinforcements, longitudinal and transversal wireframe) by method of simultaneous hardening;
  • manufacture of honeycombed constructions by method of simultaneous hardening and agglutination;
  • manufacture of master−models, of forming and gluing metal and polymeric equipment under working temperature of up to 200ºC;
  • manufacture of details with polymeric antifriction covering of “Orgalon” type for friction units;
  • repair of defects discovered in the process of operation and renewal of constructions efficiency;
  • decoration of passenger aircraft interior panels and furnishings and other with thermoplastic films, natural leather and other materials.

Having the experience, manufacturing base and high−skilled specialists of all professions ANTONOV is able to fulfill and realize at high technical level whole complex programmes and implement PCM constructions for:

  • aviation;
  • rocket production and cosmonautics;
  • machinery construction;
  • motor−car construction and ground transport;
  • sport equipment and other directions.