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thermal production processes with

  1. Vacuum thermal processing (anneal) of details made out of titanium alloys performed in electric furnaces.
  2. Induction thermal processing (local anneal) of weld seams of details out of titanium alloys performed at VIZO=T machines.
  3. Heat strengthening and tempering of steel details in an atmosphere of shielding (endothermic) gas at “Pekat” machines.
  4. Hardening heat of steel details in salt-bath furnaces and their cooling in oil or water.
  5. Saltpeter bainitic hardening of steel details.
  6. Electric tempering of steel details.
  7. Heat strengthening and tempering (anneal) of steel long-length details in a shaft assembly with further cooling in oil, saltpeter, or air cooling.
  8. Carbonization of steel details in pit furnaces.
  9. Electric gas nitration of steel details.
  10. Electric vacuum tempering of details made out of titanium alloys.
  11. Electric vacuum hardening of details made out of stainless steels with further oil cooling.
  12. Ion nitriding of steel details and cutters.
  13. Hot electric predeformation of steel springs.
  14. Saltpeter hardening heat of sheet and shaped details made out of aluminum alloys or electric heat with water or air cooling.


Application of Metal Plating & Vanish-and-Paint Protective-Decorative Coating

1. Major metal deposits and chemical treatment.

  • anodizing of aluminum alloys, the size of details is 9500x2000 mm and 1450x800 mm, including hard anodizing, the size – 6000x1000 mm;
  • chemical oxidation of aluminum and magnesium alloys, the size 9500x2000 mm;
  • cadmium-plating (2700x800 mm) and zinc coating of steel details by after-plating;
  • chromium-plating and chemical nickel plating of details of titanium alloys and steel:
      - chemical oxidation of steel and titanium alloys;
      - chemical passivation of stainless steel, copper and copper alloys;
      - dimensional chemical etch (milling) of sheets (8000x2000 mm) from aluminum alloys.

2. Varnish-and-paint coating:

  • primer paint and coloring of details. The major varnish-and-paint materials are of epoxy nature. Heating: convection heating at temperature +90°C and radiant heating at temperature +120°C. The maximum size of details colored is 14500x2000 mm;
  • primer paint and coloring of details, units and assemblies. Coating of non-metallic details. Convection heating and air-seasoning;
  • finishing coat of aircraft.

The technology of aircraft coating with glossy polyurethane and camouflage varnishes made by “AKZO NOBEL…”, Netherlands, has been mastered. The painting hanger provides for coating aircraft of the size 54x40 m and height 12 m.