02-09-2011 / The AN−148’s record: monthly flying time is 400 hours

The AN−148−100B regional jet (side No. RA−61704) of Rossiya airlines set a peculiar record. In August 2011 it accumulated flying time of 400 hours 45 minutes. Taking into account that average monthly flying time of regional aircraft is between 250 and 280 hours, the reached result is very high. 

During August, this aircraft (RA−61704) performed 153 flights on the air routes between Saint−Petersburg and Mineralniye Vody, Omsk, Tyumen, Nizhnevartovsk, Sochi,  Murmansk, Kiev, Odessa, Perm, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Archangelsk,  Samara, Ekaterinburg, Rostov−on−Don. This aircraft entered into operation on June 26, 2010. The total flight time of this aircraft till the 1st of September 2011 is 3315 flight hours, 1766 flights.

At present, Rossiya has six AN−148−100B airplanes. All of them were operated actively: average flight time of one AN−148 was 283 hours. Owing to permanent work of specialists of ANTONOV Company, Rossiya airlines, manufacturers of the aircraft and its vendor items, the AN−148’s monthly flying time is increasing. In particular, during a period from January to August of current year it became 1.5 times more.

High operational characteristics of the AN−148 attract interest of the native and foreign aircraft operators.  According to Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer of ANTONOV Company, «till present, 120 such aircraft were ordered, marketing forecast to 2024 is 300 airplanes. Nowadays the main task of partners on the program is to provide sufficient tempo of these airplanes production and their after−sale support. Today, at ANTONOV Company, the Informational center of the customer support is working twenty−four hours a day. To train the pilots, we have created and certified a complex simulator, which provide possibility to simulate and train the situation at all stages of a flight».

 Для справки:

The AN−148 regional jet of a new generation is a competitive product designed at ANTONOV Company under participation of leading design bureau, scientific and research institutes,  aviation enterprises of 15 countries of the world. Thisisthefirst3D−designed aircraftin the CIS countries. Implementation of this technology allowed to accelerate the test program and process of serial production launch, as well as work under wide international cooperation.

The AN−148−100 is intended to carry 68−85 passengers over a distance up to 4400 km.

TheAN−148 performeditsfirstcommercialflighton June 2, 2009. At present, 10 such airplanes are operated by AeroSvit and IAU (Ukraine), Rossiya and Polyot (Russia). They fly on 50 domestic and international air routes. The AN−148s carried more than 500 000 passengers.

 ANTONOV Company, September 2, 2011

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