Today, on March 25, 2011, the AN−225 “Mriya” of ANTONOV Airlines delivered humanitarian cargoes, generators and vehicles with total mass of 140 t to Japan. AN−225 landed in Narita airport (Tokyo). The flight was performed by the order of the French government. On the way from France to Japan the AN−225 made three intermediate landings in Minsk (Belarus), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Shydziazhuan (China). In the airport of arrival the aircraft was visited by Ambassador of France in Japan.

The AN−225 “Mriya” often takes part in humanitarian operations. So, in October 2009 it performed several flights on delivery generators to Samoa. They were necessary for recovery of work of Satala electric station damaged by tsunami. Only the volume cabin of the AN−225 was able to accommodate at once ten 12−ton generators, each of them was as large as 6−meter container.

In February 2010 “Mriya” transported large−sized building machines (bulldozers, trucks, tractors, loaders) for elimination of earthquake consequences on Haiti. The cargo weighing 108 t was delivered from Tokyo (Japan) to Santo−Domingo (Dominican Republic) by the order of Japanese government and then by land to Port−au−Prince, the capital of Haiti. And taking into account that the delivery was urgent, “Mriya” was chosen for that purpose.


For the inquiry: the AN−225 is intended for delivery of large−dimension long−length cargoes to any destinations of the world. These freights can be accommodated both inside of  the fuselage and on the external store on the top.

Maximum payload is 250 t, range of a flight with cargo of 200 t inside of the fuselage – 4000 km (range of flight with cargo on the fuselage depends on mass and dimensions of the cargo). Dimensions of the cargo cabin: length is 4.3 m, width – 6.4 m, height – 4.4 m. Inside of the cargo cabin it is possible to transport helicopters, universal aviation and sea containers, motor cars, dump trucks, as well as the other kinds of self−propelled and non−self−propelled vehicle.

On May 23, 2001 the Interstate Aviation Committee Air Register (IACAR) and UKRAVIATRANS have issued the Certificate of Type to the AN−225 “Mriya”.

The AN−225 holds about 300 world records including transportation the heaviest cargo weighting 253 t, the heaviest monocargo weighing 187.6 m, as well as the longest cargo of 42.1 m. At present, the AN−225 is being operated by ANTONOV Airlines, the aviation transport subdivision of ANTONOV Company. This subdivision was established in 1989 and during the elapsed time it became a powerful airlines carrying out approximately 35% of the world volume of transportations by air of over−sized and super−heavy cargoes. Hundreds of thousand tons of the unique cargoes including those, transportation of which by the other kinds of transport is simply impossible are being delivered to the addressees in 800 of the airports of the planet annually.

Outstanding achievements of ANTONOV Airlines brought to the airlines well−deserved recognition as in our country as on the international arena. In the 1990−s Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine gave it status of the national cargo aviation transporter. Aviation authorities of the USA gave the fifth level of freedom, it means that it is allowed to fly inland and to transport cargoes belonging to the American companies. In the recent ten years a number of the international contracts on transportations including the long−term one were signed with 18 states are being successfully performed.

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