Within the period from 6 to 11 of February ANTONOV Company will participate in AEROINDIA’2013 air show to be held in Bangalore, India.

Many−year fruitful cooperation connects ANTONOV Company with India. It started more than 50 years ago, in 1961, with delivery of the AN−12 military transports to that country. In common, India bought 46 such airplanes, which are widely operated both for defense purposes and for civil air transportations. 

A new stage of cooperation of ANTONOV with India became joint creation of the AN−32 military transport. The main feature of the AN−32 is ability to perform flights from the high−level airfields (to 4500m above sea level) and under hot climate conditionsin accordance with all norms of safety. At present, enterprises of Ukraine perform works on deep modernization of 105 the AN−32s of Indian Air Forces. Twenty five of these aircraft have already been modernized and handed over to the Customer.  

Developing cooperation with India on the AN−32 programme, ANTONOV Company proposes to realize the principle of integrated operational support of the aircraft. It implies all the services, including: scientific and research investigations, scheduled maintenance and repair, engineering services, training of personnel, modification of the aircraft, providing with technical documentation, warranty maintenance, spare parts and vendor items deliveries to be rendered through the “single window” – ANTONOV Company. This system will provide the most efficient interaction between the aircraft operator and enterprises participating in the programme.

Today ANTONOV offers its new airplanes capable to find wide use in India and other countries of South−East Asia. Among them there are regional jets of the AN−148 and AN−158 family. They were successfully tested in conditions of high temperature of ambient air (to +40ºC) and mountain terrains. During operation the AN−148s confirmed their ability to fly on any routes, including those ones with intensive air traffic, under VFR and IFR weather conditions, by day and at night. They are able to be operated from/to wide net of airfields. The AN−148/158 can land in conditions where visibility is close to zero. Fifteen AN−148s work today in the airlines of Russia and Ukraine. Geography of their flights covers more than 40 countries. Need of Indian market is estimated in 80 airplanes of such type till 2025.

Following customers’ demands and studying their requirements, ANTONOV is designing new airplanes of the family. One of them is the 89−seat AN−148−200. The AN−148−300 high comfort aircraft will be able to carry VIP passengers over a distance up to 7,000 km. On the basis of this aircraft, ANTONOV Company is developing an advanced AN−148−300MP, which is intended for maritime patrol and resistance to trespassers, electromagnetic radiation and communication facilities intelligence, pollution response role, SAR missions.

ANTONOV intends to present the AN−148−300MP to the tender announced by MoD of India to purchase maritime patrol airplanes. 

During the AEROINDIA’2013, representatives of ANTONOV Company intend to conduct negotiations with officials of industrial enterprises, ministries, authorities, airlines of India and other countries of South−East Asia.


Press service of ANTONOV Company, February 5, 2013

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Download the booklet «AN-news»
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