06-03-2015 / Open letter of ANTONOV Company to Arsenii Yatseniuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine

Dear Mr. Yatseniuk,


The work team of 13 thousand employees of ANTONOV Company is exasperated by your statement, having been published in mass media on March 4, 2015.

Your charges about the enterprise being on the edge of bankruptcy are untrue.

The enterprise’s account has enough funds.

Every employee of the enterprise draws his salary that in average accounts to
6000 hryvnas for a month in time and without delay. Annually the enterprise pays taxes and charges to the State – approximately 600 million hryvnas – with the fact that for
5 years the enterprise has been receiving no penny from the budget!

In last years the enterprise built two comfortable houses for young employees, opened a renewed kindergarten. It also has been maintaining a polyclinic, children health camp, recreation centers and continuing building accommodations for its employees. Annually ANTONOV invests over 100 million hryvnas to the social sphere.

The villainous authority always oppressed us and we defeated it together with you when went out to Maidan.

We can’t understand the reason, why you continue your groundless charges of ANTONOV Company that cause big damage to our international relations, our reputation, that derange beneficial contracts and ruin image of Ukraine as an aviation State, that do not strengthen, but disorganize the economy of Ukraine in days maximally stressful for the country during ATO.

Production plans and labor activity of more then 30 partner enterprises of Ukraine depend on stable work of ANTONOV Company.

We invite you to ANTONOV Company one more time. We ask you to make sure personally that the enterprise works intensively, performs orders of Armed Forces of Ukraine, works on execution of contracts, and economically strengthens the State.

Mr. Yatseniuk, we ask you to consider opinion of the ANTONOV’s work team!


This letter is approved at general meeting of the ANTONOV’s work team on March 6, 2015.


Victor Guska,

Head of the trade union at ANTONOV Company


Anatolii Korotenko,

Head of the trade union at ANTONOV Serial plant


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