12-02-2016 / ANTONOV renewed its Antaeus

On February 12, 2016, an important event for aviation of Ukraine was held – AN−22 Antaeus, the world’s first widebody transport,  returned into air fleet.

ANTONOV Company performed a lot of works to repair the AN−22 after long staying on the ground. “In spite of confident leadership of famous AN−124−100 Ruslan and AN−225 Mriya in the market of air transportation of superheavy and oversized cargo, AN−22 is still in demand. For this reason we took decision to renew the Antaeus”— said Oleksandr Kotsiuba, the First Vice President.  

The renewed aircraft was constructed in 1974. It performed its last flight in March 2009, “before that, this AN−22 flew round the world excluding USA and New Zealand. Antaeus carried various freights. Nowadays it is requested again, and we are sure it is able to continue operation” – noted pilots.

Nowadays ANTONOV Company is painting the AN−22 in colours of “Antonov Airlines” to use the aircraft for new cargo transportations.

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