28-03-2016 / ANTONOV Company is taking part in the DefExpo – 2016

Within a period between the 28th and 31st of March 2016, ANTONOV Company’s delegation takes part in DefExpo – 2016 exhibition opened at Naqueri Quitol in Quepem Taluka of South Goa, India.

ANTONOV Company presents advanced aviation programs based on the enterprise’s experience in development of transport, regional passenger aircraft and special purpose airplanes. The ANTONOV aircraft proved their efficiency being operated under adverse climatic conditions of India and at different alpine airfields.

Advanced ANTONOV projects can become a basis for further mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukraine and India in aviation field. In particular, as to replace AN−32, which is well−known in India, ANTONOV proposes a new AN−132 multipurpose transport with payload up to 9.2 t. This program is realized jointly with partners from Saudi Arabia under participation of the leading companies of the world aircraft industry. The Indian enterprises are invited to take part in this aircraft creation, ministries and authorities of the country – to become customers of the AN−132.

AN−178 transport with payload up to 18 t being under certification tests can be a basis for launch and joint fulfillment of the medium transport aircraft program in accordance with Indian customers’ requests.  

One more direction of further interaction on creation of aircraft of different purposes on the single platform can be developed using experience of the AN−148/AN−158 family. The newest aircraft of the family is the AN−148−300MP intended for maritime patrol. It has  high speed typical for jet aircraft. Owing to this, it flies to a patrol zone faster and patrols much bigger area of water as compared to the turboprop airplanes. So, the patrol tasks can be performed by less number of the airplanes.

Download the booklet «AN-news»
Download the booklet «AN-news»
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