01-08-2016 / Official appeal of ANTONOV Company

Recently, ANTONOV Company received many requests concerning information about intention of Aviation Authorities of Russia to refuse from ANTONOV Company’s services on the AN−124−100 Ruslan airworthiness support and to pass the Designer’s functions to a Russian enterprise.

ANTONOV Company officially declare that it has not passed and does not pass its rights and obligations prescribed by the international standards and continues to perform all the obligations of the Designer of the AN−124−100 Ruslan civil aircraft. 

ANTONOV Company meets international aviation standards mentioned in ICAO Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760) as the organization responsible for the type design (Part I “Definitions and abbreviations”), the holder of the type certificate and has the responsibility of the design of the aeronautical product and the continuous compliance of the aeronautical product type design to the appropriate airworthiness requirements imposed by the type certificating authority.

According to these standards, organization responsible for the type design, which receives information from all the operators of aircraft of such type, has the best possibilities to give recommendations to solve the problems with the aircraft under operation.   

ANTONOV Company is a Designer of AN−124−100 civil aircraft, Holder of the Type Certificate No. ТЛ 0021 issued by Aviation authority of Ukraine and Type Certificate No. 24−124−100 issued by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC). ANTONOV Company is also a holder of Aircraft Designer Certificate No. UA.21J.0016, issued by Aviation authority of Ukraine, and Aircraft Designer Certificate No. P−2 issued by AR IAC.

In accordance with ICAO Airworthiness Manual, Doc 9760, Part V, Chapter 6, Aviation Rules of Interstate Aviation Committee, Part 21 (АП−21), p. 21.44, Aviation Rules of Ukraine, Part 21, p. 21.A.44,  ANTONOV Company fulfills all the obligations of holders of Type Certificates and organization responsible for the type design a for airworthiness support of AN−124−100 Ruslan aircraft. So, ANTONOV is only company that has full set of design and conclusive documents on result of this aircraft certification. ANTONOV did not pass materials of the tests allowing fulfillment of obligations as for the aircraft airworthiness support to anyone.

ANTONOV Company is an author of the Programme of keeping the aircraft structure integrity and monitoring of the AN−124−100 Ruslan aging, Programme of safety failure monitoring. These programmes were developed according to the modern international standards. They allow to provide proper airworthiness of the aircraft. Strict keeping of these Programmes is the key condition to provide safe operation of the AN−124−100 Ruslan aircraft.   

ANTONOV Company as aircraft Designer has full staff of high−skilled designers and specialists, necessary laboratories and equipment for strength and fatigue tests to provide permanent monitoring of technical status of these unique airplanes. Owing to this, it is possible to react in time  and exclude in advance any problem with the aircraft structure being in operation.   

In this connection any attempt to pass functions of the organization responsible for the type design to any other enterprise in case of existing the working company−designer is at gross variance with ICAO standards as well as with aviation rules and norms of the EU, USA, Ukraine and Russia. 

In case of withdrawal of the AN−124−100 Ruslan civil aircraft from supervision of ANTONOV, the Company will be forced to address to the international aviation organizations with statement about discharge of its responsibility for safety operation of these airplanes on international air routes. Flight accidents possible in this case could pose a treat to life and property of inhabitants of countries where the aircraft will be operated.

In this subject ANTONOV Company takes principal stand, that the aircraft has to be operated in strict compliance to requirements of the international aviation legislation and operational manual developed by ANTONOV Company. 

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