31-08-2017 / AN−2 celebrated the 70th anniversary

70 years ago, on August 31, 1947, the AN−2 biplane performed maiden flight. The first Antonov’s airplane became a legend of the world aviation. AN−2 remains the biggest single−engine biplane.  It is still produced and remains in service with military and civilian operators around the world. As a total, about 17,000 such airplanes were constructed. 

This day became special for ANTONOV Company, which was established and developed with AN−2. In general, the event united vast experience of the past with advanced future.

The celebration was started with spectacular demo flight of the AN−2 and its modernized version AN−2−100 powered by turboprop engine. During 2017, the upgraded biplane set a series of records in its class on maximum payload and speed on a route. The crew members of the aircraft: Sergii Tarasiuk, the captain, and Valerii Iepanchintsev, co−pilot, were awarded with Diplomas from Aviation Sport Federation of Ukraine and from ANTONOV Company.

Download the booklet «AN-news»
Download the booklet «AN-news»
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