24-01-2018 / Aircraft of the AN−148/AN−158/AN−178 family will be equipped with Ukraine−made primary flight control system

On January 23, 2018, presentation of a new test bench for investigation and certification tests of the primary flight control system for AN−148/AN−158/AN−178 family, which is one of the most complicated aircraft system, was held at ANTONOV Company. This system was designed by leading Ukrainian enterprises Ekran JSC, Kyiv, and FED SC, Kharkiv, with the participation of ANTONOV Company’s specialists.   This is the most innovative  digital multichannel fly−by−wire system with distributed architecture and failsafe electrohydraulic servoactuators of flight control surfaces. Creation of this system became a key factor providing resumption of the Antonov aircraft taking into account refuse from Russian−made components and their replacement with Ukrainian and Western−made analogues.

At the bench running the hardware and software of the system will be carefully tested. Thousand laboratory flights are planned. After completion of the initial bench tests stage, the system will be mounted on the aircraft to fulfil integrated tests.

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