Henceforth everybody worldwide has the opportunity to "visit" the world's largest aircraft AN−225 "Mriya"
Within ground test program of AN−178 transport testing on loading – unloading of the aviation cargo containers and pallets was carried out.
Within a period between the 14th and 19th of February 2017, ANTONOV Company’s delegation takes part in AERO INDIA – 2017 exhibition held in Bangalore, India.
On January 20,2017, during the official visit to Ukraine, Defence Secretary of Great Britain Sir Michael Fallon visited ANTONOV Company. He was accompanied by other official, in particular by Her Excellency Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Ukraine.
In 2017 ANTONOV Company will celebrate the 70th anniversary of maiden flight of the world well−known biplane AN−2, which is the first in the family of all the ANTONOV airplanes.
Following the end of Ruslan International’s presence in the outsize cargo charter market on 21 December, 2016, Antonov Airlines has appointed an experienced team of UK sales professionals
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