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The ANTONOV COMPANY invites suppliers for cooperation

The ANTONOV Company invites suppliers for cooperation in the field of purchase of goods and tangible assets, operations and services through participation in advertised biddings aided by the SmartTender e-mall commercial module accredited for ProZorro system. Combining high-end systems of data processing, storage, and protection with an intuitive user interface, SmartTender becomes a tool for construction of transparent interaction, which guarantees best arrangement, effectiveness and stability of biddings, providing a reliable and comprehensible procedure of purchasing as well as equal competitive conditions for all contestants. Pursuant to the ANTONOV’s internal security policy, each Supplier of Goods and Tangible Assets (GTA) must pass through the Contractor’s verification procedure.

The documents for verification of the Contractor are to be filled and submitted by the GTA Supplier as follows:

Request for Verification of Contractor
  • Completed Request for Verification of Contractor (see attached file);
  • Balance-sheet (statement of financial condition, report of financial results) covering the latest accounting period, with the confirmation of timely submittal of financial report to governmental control authorities (receipt in a digital form or a stamp of receipt on the declaration, financial report);
  • Tax declaration of single tax payer (in case the Contractor is a natural person/businessman);
  • Licenses, permits, etc. required as a proof of legal supply of the subject of purchase (in case the activity needs licensing, or special authorization);
  • Documents to validate the Contractor’s status as an official manufacturer’s agent (in case the Contractor is a manufacturer’s business/trade/sales representative, commercial officer, etc).

Documents are additionally submitted:

  • Should the risks mentioned below are found, the Security Department Antonov Company may require presentation of additional documents, namely:
  • In case of the Contractor’s financial uncertainty (lossy operation, net asset value less than minimum authorized capital, account payable substantially exceeds accounts receivable (2-3 times), the Contractor’s letter substantiating the reasons of unstable financial condition is attached;
  • In case the Contractor’s financial report shows the unavailability of capital assets, copies of leasing agreements for all office and depository areas used by the Contractor should be attached;
  • In case the Contractor has no staff potential (number of employees: 1-2 persons), a full staff list /manning table, with the copies of employees’ civil labor contracts should be attached;
  • In case of any judicial contests, or legal controversies, executive proceedings pending in relation to the Contractor, an explanatory letter/justification from the Contractor concerning the subject matter should be attached.