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KYIV, UKRAINE: Antonov Company announces that its current agreement with GSSA Dreamlifts Limited on Antonov AN-124-100, AN-225, AN-22 aircraft operations, signed in 2016, will end on 29 February 2020.

Throughout all existence of cooperation, Dreamlifts Limited has consistently demonstrated an expertise in the outsize and heavyweight cargo market. Antonov Company would like to thank Dreamlifts Ltd for contributing to this partnership, which has served the global Antonov Airlines customer base so efficiently for the past more than 3 years.

Antonov Airlines team from the Headquarters (HQ) based in Kyiv, Ukraine will continue to lead in the global sales and operations of these unique cargo aircraft.

Antonov Airlines plans to develop its business using internal sources and inviting international well-known and experienced experts from the outsize and heavyweight cargo industry who worked with Antonov Company for many years to expand its worldwide presence. The details will be communicated later.

Mykhailo Kharchenko, Director of Antonov Airlines says: "Management of Dreamlifts Ltd decided not to continue the joint work with Antonov Company after expiration of the current GSSA agreement. And they have right to do so. We are very grateful to our Dreamlifts colleagues for their cooperation and support of Antonov Airlines during last 3 years. We wish them only success in the future. Antonov Airlines will continue to offer its reliable AN-124 airframes with properly extended life time to the market on its own. We look forward to working with the existing and potential customers and can see a successful future going forward with them".

Andriy Blagovisniy, Antonov Airlines’ Commercial Director commented on further plans: “An experienced team of Ukraine sales professionals will lead the global sales activities for its fleet of AN-124-100s, AN-225, AN-22, AN-26 and AN-74 aircraft. Antonov’s customers will continue to receive high-quality service based on knowledge and deep expertise of the HQ sales team. We expect a seamless transition for our customers and a continuation of flexible and personal service as per the current and future contracts.”

Antonov Airlines’ HQ office is at the 1, Akademika Tupoleva Str., Kyiv. Its Ukrainian sales team is on hand to receive outsize cargo charter enquiries and can be contacted collectively at the following e-mail address –

Alternatively, individual members of the sales team can be reached in the following ways:

Andriy Blagovisniy:
Tel: +380 44 4546106, Mob: +380 503833088
Ruslan Bykovets:
Tel: +380 44 4540204, Mob: +380 503888562
Dmytro Prosvirin:
Tel: +380 44 4546142, Mob: +380 507303103
Olha Danylova:
Tel: +380 44 4546120, Mob: +380 952755136
Serhii Bilozerov:
Tel: +380 44 4546146, Mob: +380 504135017
Volodymyr Goncharov:
Tel: +380 44 4546104, Mob: +380 504252237
Vladyslav Ishchuk:
Tel: +380 44 4546181, Mob: +380 503352248
Eugene Kiva:
Tel: +380 44 4546105, Mob: +38 0503817923
Vsevolod Nesteruk:
Tel: +380 44 4540205, Mob: +380 503323307
Andrii Nazarenko:
Tel: +380 44 454 28 36, Mob: +380 503574524
Iryna Kyianytsia:
Tel: +380 444546182, Mob: +380 503348956
Tatiana Onopchenko:
Tel: +380 444540206, Mob: +38 0679154342

In 2019 Antonov Airlines celebrated the 30th anniversary of founding of the company and is the first, which introduced the commercial advantages of the AN-124 Ruslan to the world. Antonov Airlines currently operates a fleet of seven AN-124s including its modification the AN-124-100M-150 with a payload of up to 150 tonnes. It also operates the unique capability AN-225 Mriya with a 250 tonnes payload, the world’s largest turboprop, the AN-22 Antei with a 60 tonnes payload, AN-26 with a 4.5 tonnes payload and AN-74T with 44 passenger seats aircraft.

For further information about Antonov Airlines’ unique fleet of heavy and outsize cargo aircraft, please download our brochure ( ) and feel free to contact us.

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