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ANTONOV Company has production facilities and skilled personnel to perform the Contract on delivery of AN-178 with Peru in the proper time

Nowadays, ANTONOV Company is continuing work on launch of series production of five AN-178 transports. In accordance with the Contract signed between SpetsTechnoExport company and the Ministry of the Interior of Peru one of these airplanes will be delivered to the customer. Up today, the following aggregates for this aircraft were produced and completed: wing outer sections with high-lift devices – by 98%, center section, tail unit: fin, stabilizer, elevator and rudder. Technological preparation of the fuselage production was prepared by more than 70%. Details for the fuselage are ready by 60-70%.

All these results demonstrate that the aircraft airframe will be produced in 2020 in accordance with the Contract. The term of the Contract fulfillment is 2021. All the works on the aircraft modernization, installation of the new equipment are performed within the schedule of the ordered aircraft manufacturing. ANTONOV Company has production facilities and skilled personnel to fulfill the Contract in the proper time under conditions that the customer and intermediate party provide the payment in terms.

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