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ANTONOV Company became the winner of the contest "The Best Invention of the Year", which was held by order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the basis of the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

ДП «АНТОНОВ» здобуло диплом I ступеня у номінації “Авіаційна техніка та озброєння”, представивши патент України № 114426 “Вантажний люк літального апарата”, реалізований на транспортному літаку Ан-178. Автори винаходу: заступник генерального директора (з проектування) Двейрін О.З., Головний конструктор по планеру Костюк В.О., заступник Головного конструктора Балун О.В., провідний інженер-конструктор Рабічев О.І.

The AN-178 was created to replace the AN-12 transport aircraft. The new airplane is differs with a pressurized cargo cabin, that was taken into account when designing the cargo hatch. In addition, to increase the level of flight safety and expand the operating conditions of the aircraft, as well as to ensure compliance with modern certification standards FAR/CS-25, the AN-178 cargo hatch is fitted with a unique system that completely discount the possibility of uncontrolled opening of the cargo ramp, provides its fixation and necessary alarm signals. This system was installed on the AN-178. It successfully passed initial stage of the ground tests and flight tests with opening the cargo ramp at different airspeeds .

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