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Mexicans are interested in modern ANTONOV’s programmes

Within a period between the 24th and 27th of April, 2019, ANTONOV Company takes part in FAMEX-2019 International Air Show held in Mexico, at one of Mexican AFBs.

Firstly in the FAMEX exhibitions’ history Ukraine is presented by delegation of the domestic enterprises. Picture of AN-225 Mriya, the world’s biggest transport, is one of the markers at the joint Ukrainian booth formed by initiative of Embassy of Ukraine.

Presentations of Ukrainian companies are conducted with participation of employees of Embassy of Ukraine and H.E. Ruslan Spirin, Ambassador of Ukraine, in person. According to him, “from the very beginning of activity, the Embassy has been working on promotion of Ukrainian brand. Ukrainian giant airplanes are among the key factors in our presentations. These airplanes are well-known in Mexico”. Besides, countries of Latin America have been interested in ANTONOV aircraft for many years owing to high quality and reliability of AN-32 light transports. These airplanes were operated by armed forces of Peru, Columbia and Mexico. Unfortunately, Mexicans had to refuse from AN-32 operation because of service support lack. Nevertheless, they are still interested in cooperation with ANTONOV. First of all, possibility to organize the AN service centers with their further development into production facilities is considered. According to the Ambassador of Ukraine, governors of two states, Puebla and Jalisco, prepared hangars, which can be used for AN service centers.

Another one direction of interaction is connected with necessity to upgrade and replace C-130 fleet of Latin America. Appearance of new ANTONOV aircraft meeting the requirements of the region is timely. New AN-178 transport of the AN-1x8 family can become a basis for such airplane creation.

The military forces are expecting to receive 20 aircraft instead C-130 during the next five years.

To summarize, it is possible to note that interest of Mexico in ANTONOV aircraft is serious enough. To realize it, delegation of ANTONOV Company is conducting meetings with representatives of business and military circles of Mexico to receive direct proposals concerning possible collaboration.

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