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SALIS member nations are satisfied with cooperation with ANTONOV Company

ANTONOV Company received a letter from SALIS Chairman, in which he expressed thanks to ANTONOV’s team and underlined contribution of the company’s management in the person of Oleksandr Donets, the President, in provision of effective services on strategic air transportation during the last year.

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114th anniversary of Oleg Antonov’s birthday

The 7th of February 2020 is the 114th anniversary of Oleg Antonov’s birthday.

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ANTONOV Company continues manufacturing of the airframe of the AN-178 (series number 006). This aircraft is intended for delivery in accordance with the Contract signed between Spetstechnoexport company and Ministry of the Interior of Peru.

In the ANTONOV Company’s production shop, a section of the reinforced floor – pressurized panel of the main landing gear well has been assembled. At present, works on assembly of the main sections of the AN-178 fuselage (nose part F1, central section F2 and tail unit F3) are in process. Then these sections will be placed in the final assembly jig.

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ANTONOV Company presents the upgraded Web-portal for operators of AN aircraft

Following the global requirements on provision of informational support of AN aircraft operation, on February 3, 2020, ANTONOV Company put into operation the upgraded Web-portal of the Customer support with advanced functional. Its structure complies with portals of the leading aircraft manufacturers of the world.

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AN-225 Mriya’s model was installed at ICAO’s office in Montreal

On January 24, 2020, the event devoted to installation of a model of the world biggest transport AN-225 Mriya was held at ICAO’s office in Montreal.

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