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First flight 1967

The AN-30 specialized aerial survey airplane is designed on the basis of the AN-24 airplane. Five camera hatches with sealed glazed windows, a separate navigator’s compartment with a wide field of view in the front hemisphere ensure the effectiveness of airplane use for aerial survey operations. A wide range of photographic altitudes and a variety of installed aerial cameras enable to take pictures for topographic maps on a scale from 1:3000 to 1:200000. With the special equipment installed, the AN-30 is used for mineral prospecting, ice patrol, and survey of fish schools. The AN-30 was serially manufactured at the Kyiv Aviation Plant, where 124 airplanes were built between 1973 and 1979.


Main characteristics

New property 23,8
New property 8,32
New property 29,20
New property 74,98

Flight characteristics

New property 430
New property 1240
New property 8300


6th of July 1964 Enactment of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 568-235 regarding construction of the AN-24FK (AN-30) aerial survey airplane was published.
25th of August 1967 the AN-30 airplane flew for the first time. The crew consisted of: Ivan Davydov – captain, Igor Titarenko – co-pilot, Valentyn Tikhomirov – navigator, Rostislav Postovit – flight engineer, Mykola Drobyshev – radio operator, Oleg Papchenko – leading flight test engineer.
In 1971 series production of AN-30 airplanes was launched at the Kyiv Aviation Plant.
12th of March 1973 the first production AN-30 airplane made its first flight controlled by the crew headed by Oleksandr Svitov.
20th of April 1974 Order of the Minister of Civil Aviation B.P. Bugaiev No. 87 on introduction of the AN-30 into service was published.
In 1977 the АN-30 (S/N 08-09) was converted into the АN-30RR version – the aircraft for radiation survey.
In 1981 the АN-30 (S/N 14-02) was converted into the АN-30IKI version – the flying testbed for remote sensing of the Earth’s surface.
In 1984 the AN-30 (S/N 12-08) was converted into the АN-30R – the aircraft for radiation, chemical and bacteriological survey.
5th-6th of October 1991 the AN-30 airplane searched for the remains of the SP-31 polar station, which had to be urgently evacuated in order to avoid environmental pollution of the coastal zone in the area of Alaska.
25th-30th of April 1994 the first training observation flights were conducted on the AN-30 within the framework of the Treaty on Open Skies.
13th of April 1997 the AN-30 from the Blakytna Stezha squadron departed from Boryspil to the United States with a mission under the Treaty on Open Skies, during which the airplane flew 26,000 km within 15 days spending a total of 66 hours in the air.


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