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First flight 1979

The AN-74 is a modification of the AN-72 airplane. It is intended for ice patrol and transportation missions in support of scientific research operations in the Central Arctic Basin and in the Antarctic. Good cockpit visibility and availability of two bubble windows at the navigator’s and hydrologist’s stations make it possible to conduct visual surveillance of the ice conditions. The AN-74 made its maiden flight on the 29th of September 1983. Sergii Gorbik was the pilot in command. The AN-74 was serially manufactured at Kharkiv Aircraft Manufacturing Company where 62 airplanes of this type were built between 1985 and 2004.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 28.01
Height (m) 8.65
Wing span (m) 31.89
Wing area (m²) 102

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 540-560
Operational range (km) 4320-4600
Operational ceiling (m) 10100


26th of June 1974 publication of Enactment of the CPSU Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers No. 533-186 (with the Ministry of Aviation Industry Order No. 42 issued on the 30th of January 1975) regarding the need to develop an aircraft for use under the conditions of the Arctic and the Antarctic.
30th of June 1977 commission of the Presidium of the USSR Council of Ministers adopts a resolution (No. 160) regarding construction of the AN-72А (Arctic) aircraft at the Antonov Design Bureau.
4th of May 1979 first flight of the AN-72 (S/N 003). This was the second flying prototype that would later be modified into the AN-74 prototype.
4th of December 1980 publication of the Ministry of Aviation Industry Order (No. 519) on the launch of preparation of the serial manufacturing of the AN-72 and AN-72А at the Kharkiv Aircraft Production Association (KAPA, after 1993 – KSAMC).
29th of September 1983 prototype AN-74 flies for the first time (crew: Sergii Gorbik – captain; Valerii Shliakhov – co-pilot; Mykola Malash – navigator; Mykhaylo Porva – flight engineer; Anatolii Romaniuk – leading test engineer) .
March 1986 evacuation of the sports team of skiers headed by Dmytro Shparo from the split block of ice of the SP-27 North Pole station. For the first time in the history of world aviation a jet aircraft lands and takes off from ice floe (the landing run length was just 300 m).
30th of April 1997 the AN-74 flown by the crew of captain Volodymyr Tkachenko sets six world altitude-with-payload records for aircraft of sub-category С-11 (takeoff weight of 35-45 tons), including a weight-to- altitude record (cargo weighing 15.256 tons was lifted to the altitude of 2000 m).
May 1988 the AN-74 flown by the crew of captain Yurii Ketov sets a world distance record for aircraft of sub-category С-11 (takeoff weight of 35-45 tons) with 6341.97 km covered.
3rd of January 1989 first flight of the production AN-74 (serial number 06-09, KAPA crew headed by Sergii Chaichenko).
2nd of August 1991 AN-74 Type Certificate (No. 13-74) is issued in pursuance of the USSR Gosavianadzor Ruling (No. 14).
November 1992 the first AN-74-200 aircraft is built in Kharkiv (a total of 18 aircraft have been manufactured).
13th of December 1994 cargo-passenger AN-74ТК-100 is presented to representatives of media in Kyiv (4 aircraft of this version have been built).
15th of August 1995 first flight of the AN-74ТК-200 (serial number 16-05, crew of captain Sergii Chaichenko) in Kharkiv.
April 1997 KSAMC completes construction of the first AN-74Т-200 (serial number 20-04). Eight of such airplanes were delivered to Iran.
20th of April 2001 AN-74ТК-300 makes its first flight in Kharkiv (serial number 19-10, crew headed by captain Oleksii Kruts).
April 2001 the AN-74 owned by Sibaviatrans Airlines with an international team of sportsmen skydivers lands on ice aerodrome 100 km off the North Pole.
25th of April 2003 two AN-74TK-100s owned by Gazpromavia Airlines deliver members of polar research expedition and scientific equipment to SP-32 North Pole drifting station, and on the 6th of March 2004 one of these airplanes takes part in the evacuation of SP-32 station personnel in distress.


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