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First flight 1994

The AN-38 was developed on the basis of the AN-28 short take-off and landing airplane, and it differs from the latter in extended fuselage, equipment installed and new engines. The airplane is designed to carry passengers, mail and cargoes on local airlines and can be made in the following versions: ambulance, aerial survey, geophysical survey, forest patrol, fish survey, administrative, as well as cargo version for containerized cargo transportation. The AN-38-100 is designed to carry 27 passengers at a maximum speed of 405 km/h over a distance of 900 km. Maximum carrying capacity: 2500 kg. The airplane can be operated in a wide range of temperatures: from -50ºС to + 45°С at small aerodromes including unpaved, ice- and snow-covered airfields. Folding passenger seats and a baggage hold are attached to the fuselage sides when folded. The tail door and airborne cargo handling device allow quick in-service passenger-to-cargo airplane conversion.


Main characteristics

Length (m) 15.54
Height (m) 4.3
Wing span (m) 22.06
Wing area (m²) 39.72

Flight characteristics

Cruise speed (km/h) 275
Operational range (km) 600
Operational ceiling (m) 3 000


13th of November 1990 Enactment of the CPSU Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers concerning development of the An-38 light multipurpose airplane was published.
At the beginning of 1991 detailed designing of the AN-38 started.
At the end of 1991 design documentation for a production airplane was transferred to the aircraft manufacturing facility in Novosibirsk for construction of the first prototype.
23rd of June 1994 the AN-38 flew for the first time (Anatolii Khrustitskiy – captain (ANTONOV Company), Yevgenii Rudakas – co-pilot (NAPO), Valter Yarko – leading flight test engineer (ANTONOV Company).
3rd of November 1995 the second AN-38-100 prototype powered with US TPE-331-14GR-801E engines made the first flight. The airplane was flown by the crew: Yevgenii Rudakas – captain (NAPO), Volodymyr Nishakov – co-pilot (NAPO), Valter Yarko – leading flight test engineer (ANTONOV Company).
In 1997 Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association (NAPO) named after V.P.Chkalov launched series production of AN-38-100 airplanes.
24th of April 1997 the Airworthiness Certificate for the AN-38-100 airplane was issued.
27th of September 1997 the first production AN-38-100 airplane (No. 01-0001) flew for the first time.
11th of December 2001 the AN-38-200 powered with TVD-20-03B engines made the first flight (Viktor Goncharov – captain (ANTONOV Company), Valerii Potashev – co-pilot (NAPO), Yevgenii Semik – leading flight test engineer).


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